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- We Keep it Simple - 
- We Provide Service to Meet Your Exact Needs 
- Only Pay For What is Essential 
Level 1 -     Book, Bill, Collect, Remit, Report
If you have short-term investments and want basic cash servicing done, Goldersun uses secure servicing technology, reporting and auditable processes to take care of your basic needs efficiently and at a great price. 
Level 2 -     Tax and Insurance Escrows and Compliance and Reserve Draws
If you have portfolios with escrows and the need to collect, analyze and disburse reserves, Goldersun has full capabilities to monitor real estate tax payments, insurance compliance and fund and track reserve draws. Our technology and processes provide a level of risk management and compliance developed over years of applying servicing best practices.
Level 3 -     Real Estate Surveillance
Our expertise includes collecting and analyzing financial statements, rent rolls and real estate operations including performing site inspections. Reporting of real estate data is in any form desired by the client including CREFC and Agency formats. Additionally, we have the capability of doing large-scale financial statement and rent roll spreading using the most up-to-date Artificial Intelligence (Ai) tools.
Level 4 -     "Ask Mr. Goldersun"
The principals of Goldersun have been involved with commercial mortgages and real estate since the creation of large-scale servicing companies in the early 1990's. We have experience in due diligence, creation of asset summaries, offering memorandums, large-scale outsourcing, project management, risk management, workouts, foreclosures and real estate brokerage - Always with an eye on the latest technology. As an independent company, Goldersun can take on any assignment a client desires - Ask Mr.Goldersun.
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