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Loan Servicing for Private Lenders

Goldersun provides professional commercial loan servicing for private lenders using state-of-the-art technology and procesess. The principals of Goldersun have decades of servicing experience operating large-scale commercial servicing operations. Goldersun brings this process, technology, and compliance expertise to the essential private lending business while helping lenders preserve and grow their relationships with borrowers 

...and their Asset Managers

Even if certain administrative servicing functions like billing and collection are covered by others, Goldersun can provide valuable assistance to asset managers who service complex loans by assisting in real estate analysis and loan surveillance, This saves time and frees the asset manager to focus on value creation and risk management  

Value Provided to the Borrower by a Servicer - No one likes to pay fees, but a borrower gains benefits from a relationship with a good servicer:
  • Continuity of Service - The servicer remains through the life of the loan
  • Professional 24/7 Administration - The servicer makes sure the accounting is 100% accurate
  • Risk Management - The servicer keeps an eye on tax payments and insurance sufficiency
  • Intercession with the Lender - The servicer presents the borrowers case in a fair & balanced manner
Servicing for Free

What is Commercial Mortgage Servicing?

A Servicer Gets the Lender Repaid - When a loan is made, the servicer collects payments and monitors risk to make sure the lender gets paid into the future
  • Billing/Collection - The servicer makes sure the borrower pays correctly and on time
  • Tax/Insurance - The servicer makes sure taxes are paid and the property is properly insured
  • Surveillance - The servicer monitors the financial and physical condition of the property & tenancy
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