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Q: How do I reduce my servicing costs?
A: Contact us about our borrower bill-back program designed especially for fee-intensive, short-term lending programs, Borrowers do not consider an additional fee for excellent service as prohibitive

Q: Why should I hire a professional servicer rather than do the servicing ourselves?
A: There are a number of great reasons you should engage a professional servicer. The opportunity cost of having your people engaged in administrative tasks should be seriously analyzed. Would you do more production, manage risk or expand other lines of business if you outsourced servicing? Also, consider the investment in specialized technology that is required to become efficient in servicing. There is also the consideration of potential fee income that is lost because your people are unwilling, or do not have the appropriate technology, to enforce late fees and other charges that your borrowers agreed to in their loan documents. Just one late fee per year could equal 50% of annual servicing costs for that loan.

Q: What risks am I assuming by not using a professional servicer?
A: Many. First, there is a risk that the borrower is not billed properly or the records of payment histories are not organized or retained. When a borrower is defending against foreclosure, poor record-keeping is one of their first lines of defense. Additionally, without good systems, you may be missing out on fees and penalties that are due. In addition to billing and proper cash management, there is the risk that the borrower does not pay its real estate taxes resulting in a lien against the property. One of the biggest risks in commercial mortgage lending is the risk of an uninsured casualty from lapsed or inadequate insurance. Many other risks are curable but an uninsured casualty may leave the lender with an unpaid loan on a building that no longer exists. A servicer can also provide operating statement, rent roll, and physical condition oversight to give an early warning about a borrower who is facing trouble. The cost of professional servicing is a minor investment compared to the potential risks facing a lender.

Q: Goldersun is not a very large company. Why shouldn't I hire the largest servicers? 
A: The principals of Goldersun ran some of the largest commercial servicing shops in the country. In the interest of scale, our corporate incentives were aligned to serving the largest clients. Smaller loans and boutique portfolios do not get much attention from mega-servicers. Goldersun focuses on smaller lenders and boutique portfolios because we KNOW the client is underserved. We have all the technology and attributes of the largest servicers, but build our reputation serving the unique needs of our niche lenders and their borrowers.


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